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Terre Cevico IGT

In 49 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar, marching back from Gaul at the head of his legions, led his army across the River Rubicon, which no one was allowed to cross under arms because it marked the sacred northern boundary of Rome. This action, in fact, prompted the start of the civil war against the Senate and Pompey. "Having ascertained the wishes of his soldiers, he left for Rimini with that legion and there he met the tribunes of the people who had sought refuge with him; he recalled the other legions from their winter camps and ordered them to follow him immediatelly" (De Bello Civili I,8). According to Suetonius, the cultured Latin author of the "Lives of the Caesars", it was on that occasion that Julius Caesar is said to have pronounced the famous phrase: "alea iacta est" ("the dice is cast").